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Posted: 01/03/2018 08:50:00

Grove are in sunny Turkey today (Friday 14th November), delivering a 1-day Public Training Course on ‘Managing Successful Test Automation’. For and on behalf of ‘Keytorc Software Testing Services’ .
Test Automation is one of my more passionate subjects as it helps Software Testing Teams get better results and streamline their testing processes etc,.

Also looking forward to catching up with you Sera Seren (Testing Service Manager).
Mark Fewster.
Co-Founder and Trainer to Software Testers and their teams.
Posted: 14/11/2014 10:24:52

Grove were delighted that all three sets of training materials passed accreditation first time "with flying colours", after the ISTQB advanced level certificates changed significantly in 2012. The Technical Test Analyst course sailed straight through and only minor adjustments were requested for the Test Analyst and Test Management courses.

The quality of Grove's training material is recognised by this success and appreciated by our course material licensees!
Posted: 20/12/2013 19:17:59

Mark and Dot’s book “Experiences of Test Automation” won the Automated Testing Institute's Automation Honors ‘Best Automated Testing Book’ Award in 2012, the year it was published. For more information about the award: click here

Co-authored by Dorothy Graham and Mark Fewster the book describes 28 case studies and many anecdotes about test automation covering a range of application areas, environments and platforms. The case studies cover commercial, open source and in-house tools, in traditional and agile development projects. Dot and Mark have highlighted good points, tips and lessons learnt.

Posted: 20/12/2013 19:04:17

We are close to reaching our 5,000th. pass on the ISTQB/BCS Foundation Certification in Software Testing (CTFL)! To celebrate this fantastic achievement we have decided to offer a free Advanced course to one lucky Foundation course attendee.

Anyone who takes a Foundation course (public, in-house course or correspondence) and sits the exam between now and our 5,000th. pass will be entered into a free draw which we estimate will occur in Q2 of 2014. The winner will be given a free place on any one of our three ISTQB Advanced Certificate courses including the exam. We will make an announcement of the winner on the Grove web-site with the winner’s permission. The Advanced course can either be taken at a public sitting, as part of a group on an in-house course or via distance learning.

The “fine print”: the winner must sit the Advanced certificate course within 18 months of being notified, and is responsible for any travel and accommodation costs relating to the course. So to have a chance of being the lucky winner…apply for a Grove ISTQB/BCS Foundation Certificate Course today.
Posted: 20/12/2013 18:30:46