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It is with great pleasure that we announce the availability of the ISTQB Foundation Level Acceptance Testing certificate. This is the first syllabus to be developed by the ISTQB in partnership with the International Qualification Board for Business Analysis (IQBBA). The 2-day course builds on the knowledge and skills gained from the ISTQB Certified Tester Foundation Level and covers user acceptance testing (UAT), contractual and regulatory acceptance testing as well as alpha and beta testing.

The course can be taken as distance learning, group virtual sessions or on-site delivery (when regulations allow).

Please message us if you would like more information

Posted: 12/04/2021 16:00:32

Do you know anyone who 'might' be interested?

I'm wishing not to sound too salesy here before Christmas, BUT ... I have a genuine offer I'd like you to share please ...


  • 1st come, 1st served: Only 5 offers available.
  • Website Code: Contact Us for your Discount Code (without commitment).
  • Products included: Onsite Group Training and  Distance Learning.
  • Products Excluded: 3rd party Examination Fees, Travel Costs etc.
  • Geographic: Global (anywhere around the world).
  • Deadline for payment: Training must be paid for between January to March 2019.
  • Deadline for actual training: Training must take place within the first 6 months of 2019 (ie.before 1st July 2019), thereafter the training will revert to full 2019 prices.

HOW TO CLAIM (without commitment)

  • Contact Us BEFORE 1st January 2019 to obtain a discount code (email, phone, / via our website form) ... there's no commitment at this stage.
  • Your Discount Code will then expire 1st March 2019, so you'll need to 'arrange' your training by 1st March 2019 to receive the discount.
  • NOTE: Only 5 bookings are available. So this is a first come first served basis.


If you suspect someone you know 'might' like to further their Software Testing Certification in 2019, and at '20% off'.  Please either ...
  • Send them the link to this page, or,
  • Contact us and request a Discount Code for them (you can surprise them by passing on the code yourself, or just ask us to supply it to them directly).


I can only give away 5 bookings at 20% off.
ie.5 Companies wishing to USE their '20%-off training'.

NOTE: It's a first come first serve basis, so once you have the Discount Code from us you should arrange to book asap, as once we've 5 bookings the offer must end.

Simply reply to let me know that you might like to further your Software Testing Certification early part of 2019.

I look forward to hearing from you!   Wishing you a great Christmas Break.

Kind regards,

Mark Fewster

Grove Software Testing Ltd
Office:   +44 (0) 8702 406172
Posted: 21/12/2018 13:34:10

Posted: 01/03/2018 08:50:00

Grove are in sunny Turkey today (Friday 14th November), delivering a 1-day Public Training Course on ‘Managing Successful Test Automation’. For and on behalf of ‘Keytorc Software Testing Services’ .
Test Automation is one of my more passionate subjects as it helps Software Testing Teams get better results and streamline their testing processes etc,.

Also looking forward to catching up with you Sera Seren (Testing Service Manager).
Mark Fewster.
Co-Founder and Trainer to Software Testers and their teams.
Posted: 14/11/2014 10:24:52

Grove were delighted that all three sets of training materials passed accreditation first time "with flying colours", after the ISTQB advanced level certificates changed significantly in 2012. The Technical Test Analyst course sailed straight through and only minor adjustments were requested for the Test Analyst and Test Management courses.

The quality of Grove's training material is recognised by this success and appreciated by our course material licensees!
Posted: 20/12/2013 19:17:59