Distance Learning

Self-study with tutor support

Some great reasons to choose Grove's Distance Learning

  • Beat the barriers holding you back - 'Start later' and/or 'Pay Later' ... your commitment to a goal is half the battle! Simply 'place an order' or 'chat with us' to begin your journey.
  • Smart Payment Options - Pay by card, Pay via Invoice, Interest Free Spread Payments.
  • Study at your own pace - and even defer your start date!
  • 'Highly Experienced' industry-leading Tutor / Mentor - (see 'Support' further below).
  • Smart Session Delivery = Less daunting + More achievable for you.
  • Practice exam questions at the end of each session - (inc. mentor feedback)
  • Other Trainers from around the world use our courseware materials - as we're respected in the industry and contribute to ISTQB syllabus.
  • Delivered via e-mail - over the study period.
  • Regular checkpoints - at the end of each section you will submit answers to practice exam questions, which will be marked and returned to you with comments.
  • Excellent Value - Distance Learning courses price range £200 to £500 excl.vat).

Your Support Plan

You will work with your personal mentor to set a study plan to help gain the most from the materials. That way you can decide how long you are able to commit to each section and which areas you feel you want to spend more time focusing on. It will also give you a target completion date to work towards. Then during your study time, your mentor will be available to help you in explaining any aspects you may need assistance with including exam techniques, whether by email or on the phone. If you get stuck on any particular area and need more help, then just ask. Once the course has been completed you can then sit a public exam organised by an accredited examination provider or sit an online exam at a local examination centre.

The Exam (not included)

All of the certificate courses offered via distance learning lead to an exam.

The main reasons the exam is separate to our course fees...

  • Your Logistics - book the exam at a venue near you.
  • We pass the savings on to you - as we don't have to manage your exam logistics.
  • Exam convenience for you and your team - each candidate can book their exam for a date and time most convenient to them.

Exam fees range from £145-£195.



There are two options available in taking your exam:

  1. Choose to attend a public exam set by BCS or your local ISTQB board, or,
  2. Choose to attend a local examination centre to take the exam online.

If you'd like more information or help with any of the above please contact us.
PS.See our list of Useful Web Links (and/or our Software Testing Resource Centre).

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Grove’s training is clear, concise and efficient. Delivered in a warm and friendly, professional manner.
Nigel Wells at Smoothwall
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